Final PLATIRUS Exploitation Workshop

The PLATIRUS consortium has organized its final exploitation workshop on 21 April 2021. The event was held online and brought together important stakeholders from all over Europe to discuss the recovery of valuable metals from secondary resources. In particular, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from a wide variety of waste resources such as spent automotive catalysts, slags, tailings and WEEE.

The key objective of the final workshop was to provide all stakeholders essential information about the developed PLATIRUS technologies and results achieved during the project duration. Thus, to elaborate potential exploitation routes for the recovery of PGMs and potentially other valuable metals from waste using the novel and greener PLATIRUS solutions.

The workshop had an interesting agenda that was split into 10 sessions. The event moderator Dr. Nader Akil (PNO) led the discussion and moderated the event along with the 18 speakers from the PLATIRUS consortium who presented:

  • PLATIRUS project in a nutshell since 2016.
  • Most promising PLATIRUS technologies for industrial validation at TRL5.
  • Final results of the recovered PGMs used in brand new automotive catalysts.
  • The LCA & LCC results of the most promising project technologies.

Additionally, the workshop also presented the automotive sector as well as the refining sector who are interested in the PGMs recovery topic. Moreover, a representative from the European Commission provided a detailed overview about the EC vision on supporting critical raw materials related activities in Horizon Europe.

More than 80 people attended the PLATIRUS event. Representatives of the mining, waste treatment and processing, end user of metal/PGMs and the policy-making sector were part of the online audience. In addition, significant number of researchers and academic representatives attended the event.


Figure2. Agenda of the Exploitation Workshop.

Speakers & Presentations: