Key target of the PLATIRUS project is to realise a significant contribution to bridge the supply gap of PGMs in Europe, by fostering the development of novel or improved secondary materials to PGM recovery supply chains from autocatalysts, mining and electronic wastes.
The PLATIRUS project tackles the challenge of boosting the availability and ensuring a stable supply of PGMs in Europe by:

  1. The upscaling to industrially relevant levels of a novel cost-efficient and miniaturised PGMs recovery and raw material production process,
  2. Selecting the best (combination of) recovery technologies and developing a PLATIRUS recovery process and Blueprint Process Design for the final upscaling step, before market introduction.
  3. Preparing and stimulating market introduction

Successful market introduction of the PLATIRUS technology is likely to generate a significant impact on PGM availability for strategically important industrial sectors in Europe such as automotive and electronics, by filling the supply gap up to a potential 30% compared to the current situation.