PLATIRUS technologies presented at TMS2020

An abstract on the chlorination task in WP5 SINTEF has been sent to the TMS2020 Conference and has passed the review.

It will be added to the final meeting program as oral presentation in the Symposia: Rare Metal Extraction & Processing where Platirus name will appear.

The symposium will cover extraction of rare metals from primary and secondary sources. Rare metals include strategic metals that are in increasing demand and subject to supply risks (those that are not covered by other TMS symposia). The focus of this symposium will be on rare earth metals including neodymium, dysprosium, scandium and others; platinum group metals including platinum, palladium, iridium, and others; battery related metals including lithium, cobalt, nickel, and aluminum; electronics related materials including copper and gold; and refectory metals including titanium, niobium, zirconium, and hafnium. Other critical materials, such as gallium, germanium, indium and silicon are also included.
The focus of the symposium will be on primary production as well as secondary production through urban mining and recycling to enable the circular economy.
This symposium covers various processing techniques, including but not limited to, hydrometallurgy (solvent extraction, ion exchange, precipitation and crystallization), electrometallurgy (electrorefining and electrowinning), pyrometallurgy, and aeriometallurgy (supercritical fluid extraction). Presentations are welcomed to address topics on process development, process control, process modelling, and environmental issues.

A Fundamental Investigation of Li2CO3 Crystallization from Li2SO4 System
A Novel Depressant of Sodium Polyacrylate for Magnesite Flotation
An innovative process for extracting scandium from nickeliferous laterite ore
Application of Microwave Pretreatment for Rare Earth Element Recovery from Phosphogypsum
Co-precipitation of impurity (Ti, Fe, Al, Zr, U, Th) phases during the recovery of (NH4)3ScF6 from strip liquors by anti-solvent crystallization
Development of a physiochemical model combined with an engineering model for predicting solvent extraction performances within the context of lithium-ion battery recycling
Dissolution behavior of calcium vanadates and magnesium vanadates in sulfuric acid
Effect of sulfuric acid concentration on marmatite dissolution in the presence of cupric ions
Electrodialysis in Hydrometallurgical Proceses
Extraction of rare and high-valued metals from blast furnace dust
Impurity uptake during cooling crystallization of nickel sulfate
Indian coal ash: a potential alternative resource for rare earth metals (REMs)
Leaching of Eudialyte ā€“ the Silicic Acid Challenge
Mechanism of Extraction of Vanadium from Vanadium Slag with MgO
Molecular recognition approach to REE extraction, separation and recycling
Optimal Hydrometallurgical Extraction Conditions for Lithium from a Nigerian Polylithionite Ore for Industrial Application
Optimizing Zr and REE Recovery from Zircon through a Better Understanding of the Mechanisms Governing its Decomposition in Alkali Media
Phosphate-intensified Alkali Leaching to Recover Molybdenum from a Volatilizing Residue
Potential of a Nigerian Cassiterite Ore for Industrial Steel Coatings
PRICE – PRocess Industries in the Circular Economy
Production of energy saving materials from the waste mixtures of REEs
Reclamation of precious metals from small electronic components of computer hard disks
Recovery of Mn and Co from discarded batteries of toys
Recovery of platinum group metals from secondary sources by selective chlorination from molten salt media
Recovery of rare earths from waste permanent magnets leach liquors
Recovery of Strategic Materials from Canadian Bauxite Residue by Smelting Followed by Acid Baking ā€“ Water Leaching
Recycling of end-of-life lithium-ion battery of electric vehicles
Reductive Leaching of Indium-bearing Zinc Leaching Residue in Sulfuric Acid and Sulfur Dioxide
Review on Removal of Impurities from REE Processing Solutions
Secondary and Byproduct Sources of Rare Earth Metals
Selective Lithium Recovery from brines using Hydrothermally Treated Titania Slag
Selective Recovery of Scandium from Nickel Laterite Ore by Acid Roasting – Water Leaching
Separation of Nd and Dy by molten salt electrolysis using an alloy diaphragm
Study on the mechanisms for vanadium phases transformation of vanadium slag non-salt roasting process
Study on vanadium phase evolution law in vanadium slag during the interface reaction process of sodium roasting
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from a Canadian Ore
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Waste Fluorescent Lamp
The Dynamics of the Circular Economy of Rare Earth Elements
The iron precipitate from primary zinc production ā€“ A potential future source for indium and silver
Zinc in secondary dust of rotary hearth furnace was recovered by water leaching and acid leaching

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