PLATIRUS M12 meeting & clustering workshop

From October 25th until October 27th of 2017, The PLATIRUS M12 project meeting was held in Turin, Italy.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to technical workshop among R&D and industrial partners to discuss the preliminary flow sheets of each technology.

Day two was dedicated to the consortium meeting to review the project´s progress for each WP.

Amal Siriwardana Presents

Image: Project Coordinator Amal Siriwardana presenting at PLATIRUS m12 meeting

PLATIRUS Clustering workshop

The third day of the meeting was dedicated for PLATIRUS´ first clustering workshop with selected projects under H2020 and FP7 programs.

Five other projects (IMPACT, SCLAE, CHROMIC, SLIM, ITERAMS) were identified under same call with PLATIRUS and had three discussions with all coordinators of those projects. Therefore, for the first clustering workshop, two projects under same call with PLATIRUS (IMPACT, CHROMIC), as well as three other related projects under H2020 and FP7 (ProSUM, REE4EU, EREAN) were selected and invited for the first workshop.

The questionnaire, based on methodology of clustering together in strategic and technical levels, was circulated among above selected project coordinators and gathered information.