1st Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC) 2018

1st Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC) 2018

29 – 31 August 2018 | Berlin

Latest research with practical solutions, innovative approaches and concrete ways on how to implement sustainability

The Life Cycle Innovation Conference will be the FSLCI’s first independently organized conference. Much in line with the objective to promote sustainable innovation through the application of a life cycle perspective, the LCIC’s focus on innovation will be the prominent differentiator from other conferences around the world.

The focus will not lie only on innovation with regards to sessions titles and abstracts but also with regards to the conference itself. The objective is to create a conference that brings together a diverse crowd of life cycle experts, change-makers and those driving innovation with an interest in sustainability. Planned sessions will focus not only on scientific research and life cycle application but also on change management and innovative problem-solving processes such as Design Thinking.

Check the conference website for all details!